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    These are really good. :o Poems are normally harder to write than stories, or at least that 's how it is for me. I just loved the imagery with "White forest, lost in it's beauty."
    Creative poems
    Creative poems
    a poem about a girl wanting a guy and 4 poems of the seasons, that will soon be up when I think of them. lol:)
    4 years ago
    That's how it is with me...check out my poem? It's in the comment below this...the first one I have written without a teacher helping me in fact...I though I should try *shrugs*
    4 years ago
    Thanks so much.... I'm not that good at it, so ur comment means a lot for me!!
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    I really enjoyed this. Like I said in my reply comment to you, I love stories, horror/terror ones, revolving around children or children's games/songs. But really, the kids needs to learn my rules, never go in the basement, never go looking for anything alone. Lol. It was creepy, and really good. I also liked the parenthesis that were around those extra tid-bits. Bravo.
    At Quarter to Twelve
    At Quarter to Twel...
    Henry wasn't supposed to be downstairs, not at this time of night. The clock read a quarter to twelve when he smelt it. A rotten smell. A horror short story about what seven year old Henry discovers. (An...
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    I think my laptop derped when I tried to do everything last night. The way you write is just stunning. I love how you word things, it's epically beautiful in everyway. I kept reading, and then sadly there was nothing else to read. I look forward to reading more of your exquisite work, it just entraps me and I want more. I just cannot even word what I want to say correctly. It's beautiful, honestly.
    Sinful Symphony
    Sinful Symphony
    Genre: Adult Thriller & Horror. Is there not the greatest beauty hidden within that final moment, where the locked away soul flees to find its judgement, and the body is left to fall to nothing? Some...
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    Anime fanfiction, anyone?

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    I have quite a few, anime related fanfictions. I don't know how popular those are on here, I know they are losing their popularity as time goes by.

    If there are anyone into them though I'll start posting those here, if not I'll continue with my original fictions.
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    I've seen a few Attack on Titan stories on here. I'm writing one myself.
    T. F. Holmstrup
    2 years ago
    I write a tokyo ghoul fanfiction.
    It really depends on what anime you make fanfiction on.
    1 years ago
    I love inuyasha! I'll read all of them when you write them
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    Let the reading begin

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    So, I see it's a pretty common thing on here to do a read for read, correct? Well, I'm not much for swapsies, but I certainly don't mind reading whatever you have. Except, I'm not a big fan of 1D or bandfiction in general.

    But, if you want I don't mind checking out and possibly giving some constructive tips. :)

    I'm more into horror, so if you can scare me that'll be a huge plus.

    If you would like you can check out my story Ready or Not Here I Come...

    It's based off of a game from Japan where you play hide and seek by yourself. I threw in my own little spin. It's not the best, but that's why I write, to improve. Phew, I am blabbering all over the place. So, hit me up.
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