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Hello! I live in England and like writing. :3 It keeps me sane. That and reading.

  • Adrienne Cambelle
    Bawsome- something that is so cute that it is epic.
    Frush- someone that you really wanted to be friends with: Friend-crush= frush
    My Personal Dictionary
    My Personal Dictio...
    Aren't there words you wished were in the dictionary? These are words I think deserve recognition. :)
  • Adrienne Cambelle
    It sounds like a rap from a song. Incidentally, I am a song writer, so if you don't mind, can I use this in a song I am writing? I will post all credit to you of course. By the way, it takes me ages to write songs...
    Be Yourself
    Be Yourself
    This is a poem I wrote in attempt to inspire everyone to just be themselves, look past what others think of them and to stand up for what you believe. I'm sure everyone will leave this poem with different...
    Mary Mcfly
    6 years ago
    Hi I understand that all credits will be posted to me but I originally wrote the poem for something else and it's more personal I'd prefer if you didn't use it, but thanks for reading it I appreciate that :)
    Adrienne Cambelle
    OK, thanks anyway. So did that person just read it, or did they use it in a song? {Sorry, I am nosy :)}
    Mary Mcfly
    6 years ago
    Nobody has used my poem for anything
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