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My name is Adriane, I'm 14, and I live in USA. I love to write, and at times, I don't know...I feel like I'm waiting for something but I don't know. Anyways, Hopefully you guys love my stories! Thanks and good bye!
-Adriane Lindoff-

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    Sinking... (1x1 role play)

    for a while, I have been dreaming about him. But ever since that day, I don't know. I have been seeing things. Things that you cannot explain. But here's the weird part, after that day, my eyes seem to be going crazy! My eyes turned into Magenta...
    But mean while, the next day when I woke up, I find myself not at my regular home now. It seems like I'm in a game!
    While I walk around, it seems like I'm not the only person, the boy from my dreams...is standing right in front of me. Looking down at me...

    No ooc fight
    Do not kill other people unless you get my and their permission! (Warning, once you get killed, you do not regenerate! Cause the whole point in the game is to survive if you get killed and all your life points is gone, you're dead)
    Do not take over the role play
    Do not control other characters!
    You must be literate
    ((___)) or ooc for out of character
    "____" for talking
    ______ for actions

    ability/weapon: You only get one weapon and for ability you can only have 3

    ((You may not role play until I accepted you))

    Haiden Standoff
    Calm, Hidden, Tsundre, Smart, Adventerous, Outgoing, Brave
    ability: Magenta eyes that some how makes her transport only two feet away, and shapeshift sort of, she can change her looks and voice into people but not her clothes.
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