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  • Adrianaluvsmusic
    Name- Jade Reese Age-16
    Appearance-female. blue black pixie cut hair , tan skin, big brown eyes. And height 4 foot 11
    Weapon of choice-great swordsman
    Personality traits-a fighter, gets attached, sneaky
    District token- her mothers necklace
    Backround- she is a kind but cross her line and she can be scary person .she the youngest out of her 5 older brothers. Her mother died in the games and her father died fishing one day.
    A Real Life Hunger Games
    A Real Life Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be IN The Hunger Games as a tribute, mentor, or even a stylist? Well now you can(ish! ) Just comment the stuff in the first chapter and you will be entered! It's first come, first serve,...
    4 years ago
    If not that then whatever is available
    Kennedy Shadownight
    Okay, thanks! I put you in six, if that's okay!
    4 years ago
    Its fine :)
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