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Hi, I am Aditi. You can also call me Angie. I love reading and writing! I am into the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Sherlock (BBC) and The Vampire Diaries fandoms. So far, I only write Harry Potter fanfiction though. I also enjoy podcasting (recording stories), so if you want your story to be read/recorded, feel free to approach me.

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    Hi! I loved reading this little one shot. It was nice and sweet, and quite interesting. I think you made your OC interesting, especially with her being a Candor-born. The narrative flowed smoothly and grammar was okay as well. The confused state of mind came across nicely too, and I liked how this ended on a happy positive note.

    I am a podcaster so I'd like to record this one-shot into a podcast with your consent. Once recorded, the podcast will be posted on Fan Fiction Audio Books - which is a multi fandom website that allows users to record their own and other authors' stories from different fandoms and post them - link to its forums is fanfictionaudiobooks.com/forums/. Due credit will be given to you as the author of the story. All I need to record it is your consent, and if you do not want your story turned into a podfic, feel free to refuse.

    I really did like your story though so it will be an honour to record it. Do respond and let me know with your answer! Thanks a ton... and good job on the one-shot!
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