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  • Adel M. Fakhry

    mumbled "The Horizon"

    As I rolled my eyes to watch the horizon, I expected to see the sun’s eclipse, then the moon rising, but nothing actually was as I thought this time. Sun started rising again, an abnormal thing happened, how come the sun rise again after eclipse in less than a minute all this questions started rolling in my mind when this man came And said “ You have watched that horizon before sun’s eclipse?” I said “yes of course”, then he said something weird he told me “you should go there” pointing to where I saw the horizon.
    As he said this he suddenly disappeared, I was paralyzed by what he said it was really weird as if he was telling me that I have to search for something, or maybe he is talking to me about what direction should I take to success, I said to myself that’s actually insane, does he mean that I actually should start walking to the west as if I am in a desert, uh for god sake!, so I can find who could save me because I’m lost have no food, nothing to drink and I’m going to die sooner or later. I kept wandering through a lot of questions that were in my mind, until I found the answer.

    Actually the man who talked to me was very wise, I just had to think about what he said when he told me that I should go there pointing to where I saw the horizon, actually I were in a desert, this desert where I should fight to live, where I will fall many times but I should get up again where I will meet the irony of this world, where best friends will betray, just for water, where I will see everything at its apocalypse, where only hope will be left for me.
    When this man talked about the horizon and that I should go There, he was talking about life, he wasn’t crazy nor creepy, as the horizon was his meaning for the ups and downs we will pass through, while go to where the horizon is, he meant that the only way to survive is to go west through this desert walking under the sun of hope, sleeping under the moon. When he mentioned that I should go to the west but in an indirect way, he meant that sometimes we have to change the road we are walking on, because its end isn’t good enough for us so we have to change the road we are walking on, and start building ours where we take our decisions, and we won’t let any other one take them.
    While I was creating all this interpretation, I felt someone coming from behind, stealthily as if he knew I was focusing on something in my mind and he is waiting for me to finish it without interruption, I finished and suddenly it was the man that talked to me in the very beginning he asked with a smile on his face “Did you get it” I replied smiling “yes”.

    Written By: Adel M. Fakhry
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