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    Real life thriller / script writer

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    Real life thriller / script writer

    I am looking for an experienced real life thriller writer / screen writer / script writer.
    The subject/theme is there – an amazing story that really happened, it is a totally realistic, an unbelieveable and horrifying experience in our western society of nowadays, that in the end can happen to anyone..
    The idea is to write a script that can be used for a realistic (totally truthfull) thriller film / motion picture and/or book;
    Intrigue, Injustice, Despair, Unbelieve, Corruption, Politics, Abuse, Greed, Kidnapping, Maltreatment, Action, … with at times a rollercoaster ride for the main character who sees his happy family life turn into a nightmare in a very short period of time, losing absolutely everything including his family and friends, and has to fight back and get his children and life back, fighting the corrupt (legal) system, survive and defend himself from many years in jail, abuse & corruption. A true story that lets nobody untouched as it is so real and can happen to anyone (in fact it is happening to many, although in less extreme forms).
    The objective is to have the reader locked into what is (the unbelievable course of events) happening, identify with the main character and realize this can happen to anyone ...

    The ultimate objective is to have a producer interested in making this into a film that will reach a big public, as it is a (new) original theme, that will make people aware of the dangers in this area in nowadays society (that are scarey & very closeby for the majority of people) and the total lack of defense against it. A serious social problem and extreme injustice that must be solved.
    Mary Moody
    6 years ago
    I'll do it! Can u coauthor my story called "Death Note: The Diary of a High School Oddball" im not sure how to write a diary but i have the plot in my head!
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