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    mumbled "Jane Austen The Girl with the magic pen"

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    I have read Jane Austen The Girl with the magic pen and it is a autobiography by Gill Hornby. The structure is in paragraphs. I really like this book but I would give It 3.5 stars because it would have been better if it was in first person so I could feel what it felt like to be Jane Austen. It was in chapters and it shows how Jane grows up in her life from when she was born and to when she died. Jane had writ many famous books; sense and sensibility; pride and prejudice; Northanger Abbey; Emma; Mansfield Park; Persuasion. She had 5 brothers and 1 sister, James, George, Edward, Henry, Francis and Cassandra and they lived In Chawton. This book shows things about her love life, how she used to write stories in secrecy, her fights and all of her precious moments.
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    hi anika its me malaika what up
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    mumbled "Megastar Mysteries Mirage"

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    I have read mega star mysteries and i give it 3/5 because i found it a bit confusing and i was boring at the end. I liked the structure because it was in chapters and there were enough paragraphs.
    The thing i liked about it was that in the begining the author explained who the caharacters were and she also described them I also liked the book becauseit was a mystery book.what i didnt like was that in the end the author used less adjectives.
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