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Heeyyyya, Mels my name, writings my name!!

As you can tell imma girl, im 13, im from the big U of K and i like to obviously read and write.

My fav style of writing is everything but horror, (sowwwee) i think rewading horror stick with you longer and is scarier cause you cant look away. I like books with vamps, weres, cliche points, teen romance and will read fan fics although i dont exactly fan girl over anyone but nelson mandela, barrack obama, josh bowman, channing tatum, alex pettyfer.... yeah i like my guys with abs.

I heart hot chelle rae, all time low, white tie affair, joe brooks, we the kings, lana del ray and beyonce. (Seriously lana and beyonce could make me go lesbian)

Enough of my rambling please read my (soon to be uploaded) stories and fan vote and comment!!!!!!

Toodle Pip

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