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my name is felix
it rhymes with helix
i used to be a fetus
then i grew up and forgot how to rhyme
*mic drop*

I write sad and depressing fanficton, oneshots, imagines, and whatever else you is requested. I'm also an artist, so yeah, art. I'm trying to get back to writing and drawing so I'm making all new accounts on everything. Those usernames will be posted below eventually. So who knows, maybe I've been on Movellas before.

Request by sending me a message :p

My main fandoms are...
Doctor Who
Marvel (pretty much anything from marvel)
Attack On Titan
The Walking Dead

My main bandoms are...
literally all music is fabulous.

tumblr - http://i-write-words-not-tragedies.tumblr.com/
imgur -
archive of our own -
deviantart -
ifunny -
email - abogadoatlaw@gmail.com

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