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My name is Abigail Hunter & I love to write about anything really (: & read others stories, so if you want me to read anything just leave a review on one of my stories or something!

I like to in fan fictions to try to put numerous faces/celebrities/artists in them so this is stating I do not own A N Y characters in my stories, besides the main character which will usually be a girl, and some unknown co-characters.

Show your love or hate for the characters & when leaving a review write a little letter to them. Make sure to say "Dear," and your name for the sign off. Or you could just review and ask me questions & I will defiantly answer them in the next chapters, or in my Blog.

*NOTE: Some of the characters I make up will probably look like a celebrity, just because of picture-wise stuff. If not you will probably have the option to choose what you think she should look like in the story from the description I make of her in the beginning chapter.

ALSO, I make all of my own banners so if you like my banners I will be happy to supply you one.

Only if you ask and give me the pictures and describe what you want it to look like, or I will just do that on my own.

Thanks for viewing this, and taking the time to read it & you can also ask me things on tumblr, or just follow me!

I'm always active there (:



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    Happy New Year, you guys! I'll have a chapter up soon (: & most likely one tomorrow ! fan, fav, like, & comment ! Thanks so much for reading & the support <3 xx -Abigail
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    I just wanna give a big thank-you to everyone who is reading my story, its greatly appreciated ! Please fan, fav, like, and comment to show support ! much love xx -Abigail
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    Updaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate <3
    The Kissing Chances
    The Kissing Chance...
    The Kissing Chances; Bradford Academy's most prized games of it's years. The Kissing Games included five boys from different academies, joined together as one to swoon the ladies of Bradford Academy. Their...
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