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I'm a normal teen and love everything teens love. Which includes:
1) One Direction
2) Harry Potter
3) Percy Jackson and the Olympians
4) Heroes of Olympus
5) Shopping
6) Internet
7) Sleeping
8) Music
9) A Perfect Love Life Which Does Not Exist

  • HowLifeActuallyIs;-)
    Please please please update
    Truth or Dare
    Truth or Dare
    On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke,...
  • HowLifeActuallyIs;-)
    Continue plzzz
    The New Brit in Town
    The New Brit in...
    On the first day of school, Mikayla couldn't possibly believe that her day could get any worse. But she was wrong....so totally wrong. As a new kid was being introduced into her Senior English class, ...
  • HowLifeActuallyIs;-)
    Anyone who wants to be the dates of Harry, Louis and Niall to Zayn's party, comment your eye color, hair color, skin color and height and who's date you want to be. First ones to enter wins!
    Who? (L.P OR Z.M guess who?)
    Who? (L.P OR Z.M...
    I'm just another normal teen in love with her brother's best friend. But, my love story is pretty complicated comparing to those who also fell in the same situation. My brother's OTHER best friend also...
  • HowLifeActuallyIs;-)
    My sister's boyfriend: my name is Stella ;-) and I REALLY wanna be in the story! I love your writing!
    My sisters boyfriend
    My sisters boyfrie...
    Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?
    My eyes are blue and I have long blond hair and 5"4" feet height
    2 years ago
    Aw thank you!! You are the third place winner :) Congrats! What I need to know is who your favorite boy is and who your favorite female character so far is
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