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Well, I'm Abby. I am 13, I'll be 14 in May. I love One Direction and Ed Sheeran with a passion. The Beatles are my oldies idols. I love my friends. I don't like cats much, but I do kinda. I have a little brother and sister. I wish I lived in London. I love my home state of Kansas. GO JAY HAWKS! I may not be the prettiest or the skinniest, but I don't need to pretend to be someone I'm not to please someone else. I am beautiful the way I am. I sing. I dance like an idiot, and have no shame.

I have some of the best friends in the world. They would go to the ends of the Earth for me, and I would do the same for them. If you want to be my friend just ask. I will be gladly to be your friend.

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