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Abbey born wales Cardiff uk
is18 loves to sing wants to be a singer and likes queen Coldplay and 1D

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    Plz update
    Different Roads
    Different Roads
    Harry has met a girl named Allie. They both are very different from each other, him being a bad boy, her being an inbetween. But what they don't know is that four months before, her being his one-night-stand,...
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    Falling for the player (an Austin Mahone fanfic)
    Falling for the...
    Avery is on summer vacation with her parents at their San Antonio home in Texas. But she doesn't know she lives next door to her all time celebrity crush Austin Mahone. One day while she was in her backyard...
  • Abbey.t uk
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    Abbey can I have Niall I'm 18 blue eyes And black hair I'm 5'7 and I love to sing
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information. Please include imagine suggestings with: Name Age favorite activity How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.) What...
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