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I try to write when I can. It gets difficult keeping up with the trends of creative writing. That, or I'm simply a mediocre writer who just needs an outlet. I shall improve, however. I want to continue to express myself through words and imagination that can bring life to my thoughts and enjoyment to others. It would be nice to become a successful writer, either as an amateur or as a professional author.

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  • Aaron Chinen

    Arrange Chapters

    Hi Movellians,

    Writing chapters when ideas have come to mind are great, but creating chapters that are not in order because of the haphazard creativity is what kills the greatness.

    I would like Movellas to have the option to rearrange chapters for users in the desired orders. Especially when creating movellas that have chapters focusing on different purposes (writing help, poetry, etc.), I would like readers to read it the way I find appropriate without having to write chapters in meticulous order first.
    5 years ago
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    Yes, I completely agree with this. For all your reasons, and sometimes I'll just come up with the perfect chapter to insert somewhere, but I have to delete and republish everything.
    5 years ago
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    I also agree. 100%. I have all of these great ideas that aren't in order, and I would actually love if this happened. I agree with IceCreamGirl's comment as well.
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