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Hey, I'm a Purple Sharpie, how exiting is that? :O
Pictures tell stories words just can't.
You have enemies? Good it means you actually stood up for something in your life.
They're not scars, They're memories of my strength.
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    mumbled "Just The Begining"

    Hey everyone, well this is my first blog post and I'm rather exited about starting up on Movellas! I enjoy writing expressive passages, not necessarily stories so don't be annoyed if i don't post things that aren't.... I don't know... story-like? Anyway I heard about this site at school and at first I was like "Oh My Gosh, you must be a total nerd to go on a site like that (No offence) until i looked into it and I realized, it's not so bad after all maybe i could have some great fun on here and maybe meet some fellow Stans/Lovatics? Ooo and by the way I love all music mainly The Killers, Eminem, Demi Lovato & Victoria Beckham! Demi is my absolute idol but don't even get me started on how perfect she is! I'm a little quirky so don't be freaked out and i think people should be able to post photos on here... just me? I don't even know haha Bye Everyone! :D Love you Sharppets SS <3
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