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Okay, I haven't been completely honest about myself... My full name is Katherine South. (Yeah, I know, LOL, it's a direction.) I am 13, and have many issues.
1. I can't be serious in public.
2. Total Twi-hard
3. Directioner, insane directioner.
4. Music lover, have over 30,000 songs on my laptop.
5. Mad, insane you could say.
6. Once I have my eye on someone, there is nothing else I see. Say something about them, whether it's nice or not, I will say stop talking about them. They are mine.

I have grey eyes, burgundy hair, olive skin, I am funny, inappropriate, crazy, lazy, and too proper for where I live. I live in Alabama. I also do crazy things to my hair. I am always dying it a crazy colour. Like I first had blonde highlights and now it's burgundy. My normal hair colour is brown.

Anyway, I am on movellas because my friend told me about it, plus I have these ideas. Ideas I don't think anyone else would get. So, I write them down in notebooks. I have about 54 notebooks now. I also write imagines so, if you want to just ask and I will try to get it as soon as possible.

Other ways to contact me:

So, yeah.... That is all. More than before isn't it? (:

  • A.Little.Kat
    Why isn't it updated? Didn't you add those parts to chapter 15?
    Missing You
    Missing You
    This story is about a girl that has been abused her whole life by her dad. The only friend she has ever had is her dog named Pip. One day she meets five guys at a local coffee shop up the road. She has...
  • A.Little.Kat
    Styles' Sister
    Styles' Sister
    Harry Styles' sister, Gemma has to move in with the boys until she can find a place of her own to stay. How will Harry and the rest of the guys take this?
  • A.Little.Kat
    O_o oh my gosh!!! This is the most amazing thing y eyes have ever seen. Could you make one for me? My name is Kat, grey eyes, burgundy short hair, and with Harry. Also please don't be afraid to make it EXTRA drity... (:
    One Direction imagines
    One Direction imag...
    I write imagines about One Direction! I do anythingfrom sweet, to dirty! If you have a request or want to be in one, messege me on twitter @1Dfangirl1d and I will make an imagine for you! you must tell...
    6 years ago
    OMG I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN SOO LONG! So sorry! I'll start it now! Please don't hate me!
  • A.Little.Kat
    Pretty cool... you should write more and i admire the touch about Falling in Reverse about yourself... You are awesome... who ever likes falling in reverse is cool.... PECAE!!!
    Water + Fire = Bad?
    Water + Fire = Bad...
    I don't know what to write so just read to find out!! :)
    6 years ago
    I read it!!! It was funny!!!
    6 years ago
    5 years ago
    Hey helen!!
    I luuvaa thhe ccovvaah---andd tittllaa
  • A.Little.Kat
    I am a huge twilight fan and I think putting a twist on the whole thing is terrible, but this... This has changed my perspective. This twist on it I amazing!!!
    At The Mist Of Dawn
    At The Mist Of Daw...
    In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose...
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