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    Hello ! I will update a new punk 1D fanfic at the end of year ! The drafts are in my hands --written in a school notebook-- and i can't wait to update it on movellas ! All i can promise you is that it is full of feels --eh ?-- and tattoos hahahaha okay bye prepare yourselves for the next fanfiction that will --i hope-- have you skinning yourself and jump off a cliff hahah okay bye x
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    mumbled "Clues for the next story"

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    Hey guys ! I just got an idea to make a new story! It is very fantasical and magical and full of magic lol . I won't tell you the spoilers though (:
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    mumbled "Last entry for the sequel"

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    Yes , that's the last one i will be updating until of course i'm back from Singapore and Terengganu . I'll update the Saturday after that so yeah
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    Guys i'd really appreciate it if you guys nominate my story on Fanfic Of The Year ! Please nominate this story it'll mean the world to me ilysm x
    Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)
    Show Me Love (1D...
    Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well,...
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