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Bonjour mon nom est Annette. Just kidding! My name is Annette. Yeah, I'm a french fry! Guess what I'm also a canadian eh? Big Directioner! My favourite eh? Why choose a favorite when you can love them all!

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    Sorry to say but the first French phrase you wrote is not correct, I go to a full French school so I would know.
    Friends with Benefits
    Friends with Benef...
    Friends with benefits are usaully simple and silly. But not wen your friend with benefit is Harry Styles from One Direction.You must try your hardest to keep evreything a secret cause God knows wat will...
  • A_harris6
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    Hello! I speak French to. I'm a_chaine6 on kik :p anyway I wanted to say thanks for the chapter but that's not all. I wanted to say, of you need someone to vent our problems or family things just kik me I have some of my own. Maybe there similar or not. Sorry im a sensitive person.
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