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"Truly? You're not just saying that to cheer me up?"

The best time to wear a striped sweater = all the time

I watch a lot of YouTube, but, specifically, I watch a lot of:
- Rhett and Link
- Jacksepticeye
- Markiplier
- Roomie
- Boyinaband
- Andrew Huang
- RobertIDK
- Matthias
- VSauce (Jake's videos are my favorites, though)
- PewDiePie

I ship:
Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
Raige (Rumor x Paige)
Altris (Al x Tris) (I DON'T CARE IF HE'S DEAD!!)
Kale (Katniss x Gale)
Larry (Harry x Luna)
Tostina (Tobias x Christina)

I also listen to a boatload of music. I listen to all kinds, but I listen to a ton of alternative and punk bands (BRENDAN URIE, BRO.).

Friend, please remove your hands from over you eyes for me. I know you want to leave, but, friend, please don't take your life away from me |-/

I've given everyone I know a good reason to go, but I'm surprised you stuck around long enough to figure out that it's all alright.

Formerly known as The Yeti. (Origin of this pen name: My story The Y.E.B.C.)
Formerly known as A Flannel Rat Rush. (Origin of this pen name: It's an anagram of my name.)
Formerly known as The Mystic Jackalope. (Origin of this pen name: I found my old, gigantic stuffed jackalope from when I was five. Actually, I thought it was huge then. Now it just looks normal sized. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Apparently stuffed animals do not grow.)
Formerly known as Infinite InSAnnity. (Origin of this pen name: It's a play on my name-- Sarah Ann, so SAnn.)
Formerly known as Annihilator. (Origin of this pen name: I used my dictionary to look up words that started with Ann.)
Formerly known as Striped Sweaters Forever. (Origin of this pen name: If you don't get it, I ain't explaining.)

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Wattpad: _much_too_soon

  • Sariously, Dude

    mumbled "Hey, Y'all! I'm Back, I Guess!"

    Hey, y'all! Y'all probably forgot that I even was on here anymore! I haven't been on in six months (it feels like a lot longer)! I've been super busy, but I'm back (for real this time)!
    My friend is joining soon (or maybe she has already joined), too!! We started a story in August of 2017, so we should be getting that up soon!! Y'all will love it (I hope-- wait, no-- I'm sure)!!
    So what have I been doing this whole time?:
    - reading manga (Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, and Mushishi)
    - watching anime (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Death Note)
    - going to camps
    - writing the story with my friend
    - updating my instagram ( @eternallytheyeti ) (follow me!! I post art and memes!! I also roleplay on there and do art trades sooooo)
    But do not fret! I am here now, and should be /wayyyy/ more active!
    Anyway, if you want to see me continue any of the stories (that I still have published), comment it here!! My writing has /definitely/ improved, as has my writing style (I'm much more comfortable with my writing now)!!
    ✨ Chevalier Blanc ✨
    Sariously, Dude
    2 days ago
    Ayyyyy! I missed you too, @[✨ Chevalier Blanc ✨]!! (I hope that tags still work the same XD )
  • Sariously, Dude

    mumbled "Ahhhhhhhh...It's Been Quite a While Since I've Asked This..."


    Would anyone be up to coauthor a story? I have a few ideas for a mystery/thriller that I'd like a few people to coauthor on, so if you're up to do it, just comment!
    7 months ago
    Sounds cool
    Sariously, Dude
    7 months ago
    You want to join it?
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