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    i hate this why would you say something about One Direction like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hate the fact that it was hard to read because of the improper grammar............

    no hate
    kidnapped by one direction !
    kidnapped by one...
    sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???
    5 years ago
    Yeah! Oh and like there weren't any mistakes in your comment! Loosen up!
    5 years ago
    First of all, at the start of a sentence use a capital letter. Secondly, you have a very short vocabulary spand if you start a sentence with 'and' in which is not meant to start a sentence off with!
    5 years ago
    no hate???? what the hell , you wrote at last no hate , first read what you wrote , everything was hate !!!!! and so what if there is spelling mistakes if u dont like it then get the hell out of here with ur comments
  • 69stypayhorlikson
    sequel????? please
    Could This Really Be Happening
    Could This Really...
    Ellie is your average girl. Until her dad becomes One Direction's new manager. When she finds herself falling for one of the boys, like she'd sworn not to do, will she stop it or let it go on? No hate...
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