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Hi My name's Kylie and I love youtubers and boybands. I'm secretly dating Luke and Markipliar but they don't know that yet! (;

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    mumbled "Calum's Story!!!"

    Hey guys just wanted to tell you that the first chapter is up for Calum's story! But it's only photos of the characters so you know what they look like and what there names are! Hopefully I'll have the first story chapter up tonight or tomorrow!
    -Kylie xoxo
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    mumbled "Update on the Calum Story"

    Ok guys awhile back I posted a intro to a calum hood fanfic called "Not with my Daughter" well I'm happy to say that I can start writing it very soon! I just gotta write more ideas down, think of all the characters names and a couple more small things! When I'm fully ready to start writing it I'll let you guys know (:
    -Kylie xoxo
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    mumbled "Long time, no see."

    Hey guys! I know I haven't been on here for a couple months and I am sorry. I really just wanted to work on my well being and to focus on school a little bit more. I really want to start writing again because i miss you guys and writing made me really happy, so hopefully if i can get some motivation to write then I'll start up again in the next couple weeks.
    I love you guys!
    P.S I made a new kik so if you want if anyone has one then message me because I love talking to people!
    Kik- BitterSweetLove11
    2 years ago
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    I kiked you!
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    mumbled "Sequel"

    I know you guys all want a sequel for "Not my Type" but honestly I have no ideas for one. And I don't wanna make one and it doesn't turn out good. If you understand what I'm saying. I just got my tablet today and I kinda wanna make a calum fanfic and a Michael fanfic. And delete "Love or Despair" and "ex best friend" but I haven't fully made a decision yet. If you have any options let me know!
    Stitched Heart
    2 years ago
    You should keep ex best friend I like it ������
    Vic is Awesome
    2 years ago
    Finish not my type!!! I don't care if it's crappy, I've probably read worse!!! :)
    2 years ago
    just keep going with the story? it doesn't even make sense where you ended it so???
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