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Hi! I'm Ron (I go by Rony bc tOO MANY WEASLEY JOKES). I'm 13 and a half and I adore writing, drawing, photography and music. I aspire to become a famous author, even though the chances are 1 to 1823832, and do not write stories here. My stories are uploaded to my wattpads:
Although at some point I might put one on this site as well.
-I don't watch tv, I'm a laptop addict but still watch Once Upon A Time because it is the best series in the world.
-I'm obsessed with Marvel, have been since forever, and secretly have a crush on Tony Stark.
-I hate pickles with a burning passion, they gross me out.
-I have a thing for blue eyes. They're gorgeous *-*
-I love Australian Accents! If you have an Australian accent I'll love you forever.
-I have reddish brown and black hair (natural surprisingly) and pale skin with freckles which is weird because I'm Moroccan, Egyptian, and Israeli.
-I'm bilingual and speak Hebrew+English and learning Arabic and Italian even though I suck at both.
-Red and Black are my favorite colors
-I play the clarinet
-I like to write songs
-My music style is strange ranging from Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Fall out Boy, etc. to Demi Lovato, 5SOS, 1D, Little Mix, etc.
-I prefer Rock though ^^^^^
-I'm fictionally married to 3 cartoons: Jack Frost, Danny Phantom, and (my baby) Peter Pan.
-I played soccer, tennis, and took drama, but don't anymore because I have to focus on school
-I have 2 younger sisters
-I use to live in Daytona Beach, Florida.
-I went to a One Direction concert in June 28th, 2012 and youngest sister managed to fall asleep there (we camped outside for 5 hours, it was torture)
-I automatically hate you if you think you're superior to everyone because you're talented in a specific subject.
-I also just made a deviantART so if some of you are into that please check it out! My name is BlackNimia
-I love books! So much I once owed my friend 100 shekels (around 30 bucks in us money) for borrowing money so I can buy a book.
-I adore singing but I sing like a dying moose with rabies
That was 22 facts about me and if you read all of that you get a cookie!
Thats pretty much it, enjoy your day lovely!

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