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hi I like food, 1d, 5sos, the vamps, and bradley will simpson. ����

  • directionergucci
    Wait I'm still confused. How did Skylar have Cal&Autumns baby if cal didn't even have sex with her. ITS CORNFUSING
    Sequel: A Box of Chocolates
    Sequel: A Box of...
    The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason
    3 years ago
    They take out his sperm and inject it into skyler
  • directionergucci
    A light Brunette, green eyes, my name is McKenna or Kenna :) I like to sleep, eat food, listen to music, basically like a free teenager. No rules, no complaints just likes to be herself and be free. Doesn't care what anyone thinks and is superrrrr nice to everyone if they're nice to me.
    2,000 miles away from home. A Luke Hemmings fan fic.
    2,000 miles away...
    When Emma has to move all the way to a new country with her cousin, Michael Clifford ,what will happen? When she meets the 5sos boys one of them stands out. How will their relationship go? Will it take...
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