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My name's Madison and my dream is to meet ONE DIRECTION! I love writing fan fiction about them. If you have any ideas to add to any of my existing movellas, or one for a new movella, please tell me! Credit will be given. LUV YA!!! 3

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    mumbled "I'm Lost "

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    I'm lost and have no idea what to write about on Everything Has Changed. Any ideas. Please?
    5 years ago
    You could give an update on how everyone is. What steph and Harry is up too and how Brooke is coping and how louis is.
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    Everytime I read this book, I cry. The car crash is the worst for me.
    Unimaginable Direction
    Unimaginable Direc...
    When Erica Lloyd bumps into Harry Styles one of her favourite band members sparks fly. The two become head over heels for each other in no time. But when Zayn see's Harry's new girl, jealousy boils inside...
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    I like these!
    Imagines and Preferences
    Imagines and Prefe...
    This is a collection of imagines and preferences about One Direction! If you have any ideas for an imagine or preference, comment and tell me! I won't be doing personals in this. I'll be inserting (Y/N)....
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    I like sad ones. But a happy one is nice
    Harry Styles Imagines
    Harry Styles Imagi...
    This, is a collection of Harry Styles imagines. I love Harry (and the other boys) so much, so I've decided to write a bunch of imagines on him. Enjoy!!! :) (I'll fix the cover after, if I already...
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    Hi I'm Madison. I'm wondering if I could have one with harry? Could we maybe get into a fight, but he makes it up to me? Clean please.
    Personal One Direction Imagines
    Personal One Direc...
    Ello guuys , okay so you may know my other book " One Direction Imagines & Preferences" , and if you do then GREAT , if you dont then GO CHECK IT OUT . But anywhorees , here is where i'll do the personal...
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