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    mumbled "I'm Back"

    Hey, Movellas! I'm back and I've just updated one of my stories. From now on, it's all you guys. I am 100% devoted to updating everything every month. That's right, EVERY month. So look forward. The I Can Only Be Me, will be updated weekly, since it's filled with poems and short stories. Thanks for everything you've done for me Movellas Community!
  • ニ チモ リニキクカ

    Kingdom University

    Welcome, highly esteemed Princes and Princess, to the school that will teach you about your responsibilities and how to effectively govern your future Kingdoms. We also have a separate curriculum for the Marquise, whom you will choose, that will help you govern specific parts of your Kingdoms. Bring yourselves to this high class facility and create alliances with other Kingdoms. You may even fall in love, but be careful who you give your heart to. <3

    Here's the form

    Name (FULL):
    Relatives attending the school?:
    ニ チモ リニキクカ
    Name: Laila Esther Francesca Patrova
    Kingdom: The Kingdom of Ignis
    Parentage: King Garon Lysander Patrova, and Queen Marrian Elizabeth Winterson Patrova
    Station: Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Ignis
    Relatives attending the school?: None
    Appearance: Dark skin, like my Mother, however, light hair, (blonde) from my Father. My eyes are a peculiar green. My Father often tells me they are mesmerizing. Could that be the blind doting of a father on his daughter, I wonder? I am slim, and quite petite, a strong trait I have received from my dear Mother. That, and the naturally red lips.
    Personality: I may come across as detached and, in worse cases, cold. However, that is only customary to my Kingdom. To be frank, we of nobility and royalty will not engage in emotional or close relationships until we are certain we can trust the recipient of our feelings. This limits both betrayal and heart break, and has become an unspoken custom of our society. so please do not think too ill of me.
    I like intellectual conversations, and I do not care for idle gossip. The Library is my favorite place, and I love to read books above all other things. I have an equal passion for writing poetry and my own novels, however, this is but one of the many most royals must learn.
    ニ チモ リニキクカ
    (Of course you can)
  • ニ チモ リニキクカ

    mumbled "Roses"

    Roses are born
    And Roses are gone
    They live and die in a sea

    So dark is their garden
    Filled with lies
    As far as the eye can see

    Beware their wrath
    Their Thorns so sharp
    Blood you'll begin to see

    Roses are born
    And Roses are gone
    They live and die in a sea
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