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I'm Sakura. I write stories.

Mit navn er Sakura. Jeg skriver historier.


Mi nombre es Sakura. Yo escribo historias.

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    good morning!

    Going to meet up with my old english teacher today. I'm really excited! :)
    Good luck :-)
    Thanks! :)
    U are welcome XD
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    The Scars Upon My Wrists uploaded entirely

    This story is rated R for a reason. It was written during a very dark period which happened to coincide with NanoWriMo, and so that is what largely inspired this novel. I edited out some scenes with sexual content even though they weren't explicit because I didn't feel comfortable uploading them, however there is a frank discussion of sex and sexuality throughout the novel.

    The main character swears a lot. She self-harms. She is a survivor of sexual assault which causes panic attacks and has to deal with accepting and overcoming it to have a real relationship. A lot of the scenes are a very stark look into this main character's mind. I did a lot of research to portray this as accurately as possible and it is not sugar-coated. By the end though, she is in control of her own life, and though the scars may never fade, she takes pride in the fact that she can stop herself from creating more, from learning to rely on her family and friends, and learning to stop shutting everything out.

    If you have suffered from mental illness, felt depressed, dealt with bullies, cut, and kept it all locked away, this is a story that might speak to you.

    I totally need to edit some parts so CC would be highly appreciated. It's a 57,000 word novel, so obviously all of it would be impossible, but I would seriously appreciate any efforts.

    Please only read if you are 16+ and can handle the subject material.
    The Scars on My Wrists (Nanowrimo...After struggling with depression and a suicide attempt, Marie decides to take a Gap Year to Italy and Spain. She falls in love, and more importantly, chang...
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    I've tagged all my stories with #wondergeek or actually just wondergeek. Am I doing this right?
    Yep, I think wondergeek is right xD
    Is it wrong that I might actually love this trend CX and yes,my friend. I believe you are doing it just fine
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    Summer Homework

    Just finished my summer reading essay for Cornell. I'm feeling pretty good right now :)
    aqua711 ♪♫
    I wish I could finish my summer reading. I can't find my Kindle :/ xD
    hahaha I know this feeling. you can download kindle for PC for free though so if you can't find it you can still do your assignment in time.
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    New Movellian

    Hey everyone! @[Lilrattaz] just put up her first work which blew me away. It's a poem that I found to be really intense and beautiful. Go check out her work and fan this talented newcomer!
    HackedOriginally designed as a slam-based poem, this is a poem about not being able to tell people how you feel.
    no problem :)
    I read it, it's amZing! Oops. Amazing.
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