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Winner of the Science Fiction competition, the Battle of the Fandoms Competition and the Young Graphic Artist Prize. Second Place in the Feral Youth Competition. Honorable Mention in the Inspired by a Song contest.

I'm Sakura. I write stories.

Mit navn er Sakura. Jeg skriver historier.


Mi nombre es Sakura. Yo escribo historias.

  • sakura❀
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    In Japan (where I did nanowrimo last year): Cafe by Prego :) My friend is the cafe owner (she was dating a coworker) and she made me and my boyfriend special pancakes for free as a treat which was really sweet of her. If you ever get to go to Tokyo, I highly recommend! She understands/speaks English too! (website here: http://cafebyprego.wix.com/cafe she designs and makes all the food)

    For big chains, Ginza's Doutor, which has an excellent view of the luxury area and a wide range of delicious cakes and coffees.

    My other favorite is Shibuya's Starbucks, which has a wonderful view of the Shibuya crossing on the second level and is great for people watching.
    6 days ago
    er, and by coworker, I meant a classmate of mine from language school -_-

  • Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩

    mumbled "Jumping on the bandwagon! (Stealing Deliliah's title...)"

    Reposting from @[GeorgiaT]

    I can't pick favourites... I just can't, it's like a failing I have. Can't pick favourite colours, favourite animals, not unless you like separate categories for me XD Like 'Favourite primary colour' or 'Favourite mythological animal (even then you'd have to separate the different mythologies for me)'. You can imagine what my teachers had to go through. So i'mma categories.

    Favourite people:
    @[Kyle J Durrant]
    @[Lucifer's Kiss]
    @[Enya Sanders☕️]
    @[Ahlaam Nightshade]
    @[A Child of the Madness]

    My favourite writers:
    @[Skyler Jensen]
    @[Lia is a cookie]

    Favourite family members:
    @[Crown of Shadownight]
    @[· Aldrin Shadownight ·]
    @[Kennedy Shadownight ]
    @[Shadows That Haunt You]
    @[Bex Shadownight]
    I wish I could put Thomas here XD

    @[D.B. Fairless]
    @[R K Guron]

    @[Molly Looby]
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
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    You'll see...
    A Child of the Madness
    I'm a favorite person to someone? *Hides in the shadows to hide blush* Oh well...er, thanks.
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
    You're a favourite person to a lot of people @[A Child of the Madness] , don't even... XD
  • Dem1
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    Hey Sakura. :D Been a long time fan, and I know you like Japanese style artwork and stuff. Well, I'm working on a graphic novel and I drew these illustrations to go along with it, inspired by you. I know it's cheesy and this will probably get lost in your dozens of other comments, but please could you check it out? Sorry to e-beg, but it would be so much more to me than anything else if YOU read it. It's a pretty innocuous story about wolves, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. :D
    2 weeks ago
    Of course!!! I am so glad I could inspire someone else even if its just a little bit :) Can you link me? I'd love to read it and see your artwork!
    2 weeks ago
    Sure. And you should think WAY more of yourself. YOU ARE AWESOME! :D
    Red MoonIn the mountains of Canada, there is a tribe of wolves. They mostly live in harmony, but once a year the Red Moon rises and chaos ensues amongst the animal...
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