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Winner of the Science Fiction competition, the Battle of the Fandoms Competition and the Young Graphic Artist Prize. Second Place in the Feral Youth Competition. Honorable Mention in the Inspired by a Song contest.

I'm Sakura. I write stories.

Mit navn er Sakura. Jeg skriver historier.


Mi nombre es Sakura. Yo escribo historias.

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    Full name: Kathryn Elizabeth Cecilia
    Nickname: Katie
    Battery Percent: 53% :)
    iPhone or Android: iPhone 5S Gold
    Last person I texted: my bestie
    Birthday: 2/26
    Last song I listened to: Sympathique - Pink Martini
    Favourite colour: Red
    Favourite movie: El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)
    Height: 5'9'' (175cm)
    What mood I am in now: Calm :)
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    Full Name: Nathaniel Stanley

    Nickname: Nat (majority) or Nattie (because others thinks this is cute) or Allie (very old one)

    Battery percent: 55% (currently charging)

    iPhone or Android: Android

    Last person I texted: My sister

    Birthday: 21st April

    Last song I listened to: Crazy in Love (Remix 2014) by Beyonce

    Favorite color:

    Favorite movie: This is hard to pick. Hmm. Pride and Prejudice 2005 but I also love Anne of Green Gables (1985 film)!

    Height: 5'1" Hahaha. Average height.

    What mood I am in right now: A little bit grumpy since I just woke up and I'd a hard time sleeping.

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    Decided to tag my followers!
    @[Tande] @[sakura❀] @[Amber Red Lyn] @[Simply.Nerdy] @[kisstheveil] @[Stitches] @[pasta]

    Sadly, I don't have anything interesting about myself. xD
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    Just been tagged to do this by @[Enya Sanders☕️] so here goes.

    Yeeeah lets do this, see look i'm psyching myself up for it.

    Tagged by @[Enya Sanders☕️] mentioned that already.
    Full name: Jonathan Anthony Bryan, yeah they stuck all the boring names together for me, thanks parents.
    Nickname: Had several growing up, some I didn't like, carrot, gingernut, Rodney at some point tried to get friends to call me Nathan, it didn't take hold.
    Battery Percent: 40% and decreasing if it goes under 10 I'll start to thik about recharghing it.
    iPhone or Android: Android!
    Last person I texted: My mum
    Birthday: 23/4
    Last song I listened to: Hmm, lie and put something cooler or admit it was All for Love by Lady Antebellum
    Favourite colour: Red
    Favourite movie: Star Wars, yes Empire Strikes Back is a better movie, but Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope sucked me in as a kid aliens, robots, spaceships, space battles, lightsabres, Darth Vader vs Obi Wan Kenobi, The rebel alliance vs the Death Star, The force, Jedi's The Millenium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewbacca, R2D2 & C3P0 and on a slightly deeper level Luke Skywalker and his desperation to do something with his life that matters resonated, still does.

    Height: 6 foot
    What mood I am in now: vaguely happy.

    The 7 people I nominate: @[Victoria Wethers] @[sakura❀] @[Doctor Who 23] @[JamieKnightOnline] @[dramaticllama Nightshade] @[C.H. Potter] @[Annie.G] chosen at random, so not sure when they were last online or how often they come on.

    Sorry if any of you have already been tagged or have already done this.
    John Bryan
    2 months ago
    Yeah and for a longtime quite skinny as well, that's how come I got stuck with the nickname Rodney, because of Rodney Trotter from the comedy series only fools and horses.
    Midnight Rogue  ☕️☩
    Lol, my dad used to watch that show!
    John Bryan
    2 months ago
    My mum and dad both used to watch it, although I should point out they weren't the ones who started calling Rodney because of it.

    I have seen some episodes, they had a few moments that made me laugh, but not quite sure how come it's still as popular as it is.
  • Enya Sanders☕️

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    Tagged by @[Danielle Paige] :)
    Full name: Rather not put my full name, but Eve is my first proper name
    Nickname: Um, not much you can do with Eve haha
    Battery Percent: 78% :)
    iPhone or Android: Good ol' resilient android!
    Last person I texted: Myyyyy...friend?
    Birthday: 8/8 ;)
    Last song I listened to: American English- Idlewild
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Favourite movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Height: 5"3
    What mood I am in now: Slightly tense, but yknow, it's cool haha
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    Danielle Paige
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    "Friend", hahaha XD
    John Bryan
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    I haven't been tagged before so I happy to do this.
  • sakura❀
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    My only critique is that in the second stanza you switch tenses (filled, make) which can be a little confusing but I really like it! Seems very raw and exposed.
    Falling Failing
    Falling Failing
    Another attempt at song writing. This time a little darker.
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