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Winner of the Science Fiction competition, the Battle of the Fandoms Competition and the Young Graphic Artist Prize. Second Place in the Feral Youth Competition. Honorable Mention in the Inspired by a Song contest.

I'm Sakura. I write stories.

Mit navn er Sakura. Jeg skriver historier.


Mi nombre es Sakura. Yo escribo historias.

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    Full name: Kathryn Elizabeth Cecilia
    Nickname: Katie
    Battery Percent: 53% :)
    iPhone or Android: iPhone 5S Gold
    Last person I texted: my bestie
    Birthday: 2/26
    Last song I listened to: Sympathique - Pink Martini
    Favourite colour: Red
    Favourite movie: El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)
    Height: 5'9'' (175cm)
    What mood I am in now: Calm :)
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    My only critique is that in the second stanza you switch tenses (filled, make) which can be a little confusing but I really like it! Seems very raw and exposed.
    Falling Failing
    Falling Failing
    Another attempt at song writing. This time a little darker.
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    Hey guys! I've written a new chapter in my travel journal "a girl abroad"! It's about getting my residence permit and going to the New York consulate, and my multiple failures because I assumed I knew what I was doing.

    a girl abroadFor the competition.

    enjoy! (also I'm trying to do illustrations for each chapter as well)
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    I think you have done a difficult topic justice so far! I recently had a friend who struggles with anorexia attempt suicide, so I am well aware of the havoc it can wreck on a personal and interpersonal level. I am curious to see how (if at all) the twins can overcome this disease together, and can't wait to read more!
    The Elephant in the Room
    The Elephant in...
    "Life with an eating disorder, if you can call it life, is similar to a puppet show. You are the dancing, smiling puppet, and your disorder is the puppeteer. It calls the shots and pulls the strings. It...
    Thank you so much for your kind words. All the best for you and your friend.
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    Welp, I decided to enter Category 3 with this, let me know what you all think! Ended up going for an indie-vibe.

    Here's the link to the movella:
    Morning Love SongFor the poetry songwriting contest. Photo, video, lyrics, vocals, and drum-track are mine, loops are royalty free loops with permission to use. The lyrics...
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