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    Kameka's idea all the way.
    And if there's an issue with the 1D thing, Movellas has a fanfiction section. Therefore, people are going to end up with fanfictions. If a ton of it is 1D, then so be it. If that's what people are writing, deal with it.
    And NoMovellaDecember. I'm sorry, really, just be brutally honest, there is tens of thousands of Movellians. You have what, 67 people on your side at the moment. I'm sorry, but you are not going to get enough people to make all that much of a statement to Movellas. And not gonna lie, giving up Movellas is way too difficult for most Movellians.
    A Plea For Help
    A Plea For Help
    Movellas is going through a dark period at the moment.
    5 years ago
    I agree... there's about a million 1d fanfics for every good story. =(
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    Kay. like everyone who's already entered has done HP, HG, Perks of Being a Wallflower, or something else that a book or movie. Would I be out of place with a One Direction-Ed Sheeran fanfic?
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    Kathryn, where the hell does it say it must be? I've read the desc. a billion times and it doesn't say it has too.
    Y. Nirvana
    5 years ago
    It says: 'This is your chance to take your favourite characters, your favourite books or films, your favourite worlds, your favourite story lines - mix them up, give them a shake, throw in some twists and come out with something incredible!' so a mix up of fan fiction on fictional characters only :P
    Red Oak
    5 years ago
    I thought it did just like Icecreamgirl so don't take it all out on me! And sorry, people are allowed to make mistakes. I just think it's disgraceful the amount of One Direction fan fiction on here! It's not a fan fiction site! :D
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    I was going to enter, but my X Factor story doesn't fit any of the story lines :(
    Eve Smallman
    5 years ago
    Jordan said on a previous message that they were just to give tips!
    5 years ago
    really. thanks. i was not going to enter because i thought you had to fit your story to one of the story-lines gonna start writing now.
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