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    update plzzzz
    You Think Being Adopted By Five Boys Was Easy?....Smh!
    You Think Being...
    Brielle Clark. That's the name of a 13 year old girl who's been through so much in her life. All she wanted was to have a regular life like anyone else. But due to her alcoholic and abusive father, she...
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    mumbled "blind date"

    chapter 2 start again
    "bella" i run aer her she runs up th stairs and i hear a slam of her bedroom door "let me in please bel" "fuck no" i hear her yell "you hurt me niall" I punch the door "can i tell you what actually happened"
    bellas PVO
    i didnt want to open that door I should probably tell you why i hate himso much well um you know how i hadnt dated anyone sciene i was 15 well he was my boyfriebd back then he cheated on me
    i texted niall asking if i could come over he said yes i started walking because he only lived down the road bac then i opened the door and i saw ruby westfeild kissing him "what the fuck" i say my eyes started to water "bella it isnt what it look likes" ruby looks at me and says"omg bella iit he told me it was over" i look at him tears ran down my face as i run out.

    flashback over "bella let me explain please" he says again "Fine" i mumble "doors open he walks looking all upset and scince

    Nialls PVO
    i look at he when i walk in her face all blochy and sad her eyes all watery "bella wel this is what happened you texted me
    i get a text from bella it said babe can i come over i smiled yer i write back anyway two seconds after that i hear i knock knock at the door i opened it thinking it was you but it was ruby she invites her self in and shuts the door "piss off" i siad she ran to my room and thn just before you came in she kissed me after you left i slaped her i after she left
    falshback over

    "i did come to your house you didnt let me in" i sighed i still had feelings for for this girl even after three years of not seeing her i b ecame fameous she stayed just like bella "so have you had another boyfriend after me" i ask "nup" popping the p in nup "how about you" she asked "na never found a girl i liked as much as you"
    ellas PVO
    i was so happy when he said no i kinda still had feelings for him and when he said "that he never flike a girl as much as me" my cheeks burned as he said that "um we should probbaly go now hay" "yer weve got reservations" we walked out and jumpped in his car (skip car ride) we stopped out the front of th most expencive restaront in dubbloned "we cant go here its so expenci-" "im paying" "thanks" i smiled we walked in and i saw he had put a benie and sungkasses on he put his arm around my waist i loved that and he knew from when we went out we go up to the counter "rasavation" the lady says "uhh yes niall horan for two" he says putting up two fingers
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    mumbled "blind date"

    chapter 1 WHaT NIALL
    bellas PVO
    "MUM i have a life you know" i said after she had put me on a blind date with her friends sons i didnt even know his name mum sighed "you havent had a boy friend sciene you were 15 i ussally just be friends with all the guys i know i look at mums puppy dog eyes "whats his name" i say with a sigh mum jumps up an down "niall" i laugh at her excitement "do you know anything else about him" mum looked nervous "urr no" she says nervouly "but its a date" i roll my eyes "im going to go get ready" i say "well i am leaving" she says "have fun" she says as she shuts the door i run up stair i have to look hot because well i dont want him to see me as a slob i grab my black party dress its knee high and is sparkly and a bit tight it shows a bit of clevage and shows how amazing my legs are there long and skinny i put a bit of makeup on just some eyeliner maskera and foundation then just as i finish with my hair its all nice and straigtened then i heara knock at the door "niall" i wisper
    nialls PVO
    i was really nervous i hope she was as beauitful as her name was i get to her house jump out of thecar take a deep breath run my fingers though my hair then knock knock knock u hear footsteps running down the stairs i hear her run around the room looking for something then she opens the door he tight black dress showed long leg then i look at her face and we look eye to eye "niall"she says shocked "b-b-bella" ahe runs in the house her eyes watering i run in the house "bella ,bella please bella
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    omg soooooo good <3
    Stole My Heart
    Stole My Heart
    All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break...
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    mumbled "falling for Niall"

    ellas P.V.O
    Im at school another boring math class "oi Ella" my friend lily says "what" i wisper "did u enter that contst on twitter" "what contest" i say confused i hear the bell ring lunch "WHAT CONTEST" i yell "the one to meet niall" she said. i grab out my phone and go on twitter i read the rrules you must be 13 and over that was ok im 14 i enter the contest i only had to wait till 3:00
    Nialls P.V.O
    Wow i thought look at how many girls love me "Harry Louie Liam Zayn" i yell they dont come fine then i'll find them i walk around the house zayn was looking at himself in the mirror again i grab his arm and starts to yell "MIRROR" Harry and Louie are on there phones probbaly talking to fans theyve always had more then me "Louie Harry time to pick they jump off the lounge and
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