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Hey all you Directioners! I love writing and reading other people's writing and I love, love, love Movellas.com Please read mine, favorite, like, share and all that jazz! Thanks! I love youuuu <3

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    Update PLEASE
    Twisted Benefits
    Twisted Benefits
    When you have a friends-with-Benefits, it's a lot more pressure and responsibility than you. Sure, there is sex, all the time, but that's not always a good thing. Ginny and Louis start to get closer, and...
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    mumbled "your oppinion..???"

    Alrighty.... So, personally, which of my stories would you guys like me to go on with, and would you just want me to do write a new story? If so, which of the boys would you want me to write about? And I would be willing to put names in... I could also do imagines, also, with your name in them... just comment and I will do my best to answer your questions and comments
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    I love it!! Keep going!!
    But This Love is Ours
    But This Love is...
    When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.
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