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I LOVE One Direction! They are my life and I support them 100%! I look up to them for following their dreams and consider them my role models. I will always be a directioner, even when they start to fade, I will ALWAYS love them. I have always wanted to be an author, and I hope you like my fan fics!

  • 1D's_ girl_4ever
    Oh my gosh, this story is so good!!! You are an amazing writer, and this is a very good story! Can't wait for the update!!!!!
    Live While You're Young
    Live While You're...
    Elena had always dreamed of being a big star, little did she know all her dreams would come true. And just to her luck, she gets to stand on stage next to her best friend Sadie. Being the opening act for...
  • 1D's_ girl_4ever
    I love this! You are a very extraordiharry writer!! Great job!
    Pitch, Please!
    Pitch, Please!
    Wining sectionals was great and all, but wining regional's would be something. Delany and Harry couldn't be any more happier together, they had awesome times going on double dates with Niall and Demi or...
  • 1D's_ girl_4ever
    Update soon! U r an amazing writer nd I LOVE this story! Good job!!
    Take Care
    Take Care
    **Sequel to What Humans Do** It's been seven years since the day I told Harry Styles we had to break up because our publicity stunt was now over. He told me to wait till I was 26, then we could get back...
  • 1D's_ girl_4ever
    You have to update!!
    Accidental Love
    Accidental Love
    Sam was expecting only a couple days of torture when she was attending her bridezilla cousins wedding as a bridesmaid. She didn't think that when the hotel screws up she would end up sharing a room with...
  • 1D's_ girl_4ever
    U have to make a sequel!!!!!! If u don't I might die!!!!
    Stole My Heart
    Stole My Heart
    All the boys from One Direction are taking a couple months off to spend time with their family. Harry is excited to spend a lot of time with his mum. But he never thought he would find a girl on break...
    I might die too! I was crying..
    ѕαмzιι.ѕтуℓєѕ χ
    woow come on yull die??!! NO WAY!! loll
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