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  • 1DloverForev05
    Where is Harry this whole time?Oh we'll so I can't stop reading your fanfics How do you come up with them
    Looking After You (Sequel to "I Won't Give Up")
    Looking After You...
    Christina Fernandez and Harry Styles have been dating for over a year now, and things seem to thicken, meaning, their relationship is getting harder to put up with. Will they keep their love for each other...
  • 1DloverForev05
    Can't wait to read this 😁
    Hated You
    Hated You
    I have always hated 1D. I really have no idea why, I just thought they were some sort of fad that would end. Its probably because they took a lot of the fame away from Justin Bieber. I loved JB and ever...
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