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Hello my name is Alyssa, I am 14 years old and I love to write.

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    Really good! Update hey post a picture... Only if ya can...
    Adopted To Much
    Adopted To Much
    Would you be depressed at age 5 you were adopted 8 times, but always went back to orphanage, because they were drunk or you were unwanted. But at age 7 you were home? Maybe, but are you home, for final?...
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    My movellas

    Here is the link to my movellas.
    Let GoChloe Johnson is classmates with the famous British boy band. Soon there is a blind date and she is partners with Louis Tomlinson, the silly one of the...
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    One Direction Ditching
    One Direction Ditc...
    There is this 16 year old girl who is in middle school. She doesn't get good grades. She had many boyfriends but she cheated on them. Her name is Olivia. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is skinny...
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    how do i post stories srry for asking a stupid question but i really dont how
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    Funny and sad at times! But love this I am a big fan of you update
    One Direction Love You
    One Direction Love...
    There is this girl Tori. She is 15. She has Brown Hair and Brown eyes. She is very depressed. Her mom is dead. Her dad has cancer. And she needs someone to take care of her. She searches the streets and...
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    Love this! Update now
    Pitch Perfect
    Pitch Perfect
    There is this 18 year old girl. Anna, she has long Brown hair. She loves to sing. She has a wonderful voice but she is afraid to show it. Until in college she meets the best boy band. She falls in loves...
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