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Heyyy GUrL heyyyy!im Jose ( it's said Josie!) I'm a 12 year old directioner with a passion 4 anime! I am also a big time gamer, I love Pokemon, hello kitty, invader zim, adventure time, red, and neon colours . I also like skirl lex and BOTDF ( if u don't know look it up!) well anyway, cya!

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    Jose gill , hot pink long scene hair and brown eyes with Harry pls and thx u
    1D Imagines :)
    1D Imagines :)
    Heeeey guuuys :) I am going to do personal imagines for you guys, because you have helped me get "I Won't Give Up" get to #14 on the popular page of all time! Thank you all so much for all your love and...
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