I can't wait to read your stories and for you to read mine! Love you all little carrots & i hope you enjoy my storys! ;) Giant boobear hugs;)

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    Hey guys... so not much has been comin along with this new movella Christmas Miracle and I only just started writing it but no ideas are coming to me... WRITERS BLOCK! So im holding a new contest... whoever can come up with an awesome idea for the next couple chapters in Christmas Miracle will become Jaylin's sister in the story and date one of the guys... oh yea and ur idea will be in the movella! So its time to pull up your big writers pants and get thinking!

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    Have u Heard?!

    hey guys!
    Sarah and i hav decided to invite co authors! we hav already invited 2 fantastic writers just like u! if u r interested in co authoring and we havnt already invited u just tell us below and we will check out ur writing and hopefully feel that u can make a great addition to our team! until them!

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    Just sayin hey y'all!

    Hey y'all! Ashlyn here! I'm super bored so if you have any questions just ask them, I will answer anything! Does anyone wanna know what I look like in person? What do u guys think I look like? How old do u think I am? Leave answers and questions below!!!!! So how has everyone's day been? It's 8:49pm here in clarkston Michigan and Im not ready for school! I hate Sunday nights, gotta go to bed early and wake up early the next day! It sucks! So what is everyone up to? What state or country do u live in? What's ur fav hobby? How's life been? Talk to me people!
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    remember to post your best Niall Horan bday comment before tomorrow!!!!! dont forget... btw your prize is our mystery bonus prize so make sure to put alot of thought into your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Today is your birthday
    So here's a special way
    To tell you just One Thing,
    I love you more than you love a chicken wing;)
    You always smile and you're always happy
    And I hope that this doesn't sound sappy,
    I hope you find your princess
    Who shares your same interests
    I hope she loves your laugh and smile
    Because, dear Niall,
    You deserve this birthday wish.
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    The day you met your best friend
    A time when no one else could tell you how to be you
    When you learn to drive
    You have been trusted to be home alone

    Theses are all moments to cherish forever so think about you favorite moments and leave them on my blog
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