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    mumbled "The One Thing"

    Harry and Niall were walking down the road and they bumped into Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Zayn said "vas happening with you guys?" " oh we're just heading to Nandos to grab a bite." They replied, but the one thing the didn't realize is that Zayn wasn't to fond of Nandos because it had a gigantic pool inside of it! So when Harry and Niall got to Nandos Zayn told Liam and Louis to hang back and he will be right back. Eventually harry and Niall were sitting down in one of the booths and Zayn walked up and said "vas happening don't you guys want to go swimming in the pool?" " no. Not that much." Relied harry as he turned his head and continued eating his taco. "Well you really should go and see the new slide the put around it." Harry and Niall walked over and looked around the pool and they didn't see any slide so they turned around and started walking back to their table, but right before they could reach to the door to the main room Zayn yanked their shirts and they fell into the pool. Zayn was. Racking up as he walked away but right before he could get out Harry's cat jumped out of nowhere and scared Zayn! He freaked out so much he peed his pants. Harry and Niall were laughing so hard it was hard to breathe. Niall jumped out of the pool and said "vas happening? Oh wait I know you peed your pants!" Harry grabbed his cat and brushed its fur so gently. Liam and Louis came into the pool area and handed Zayn another pair of pants as he trudged out of Nandos Louis asked what happened. "Oh Harry's cat jumped out nowhere and scared the insides out. "Well at least we can eat in peace." Replied Harry as he walked away. "Well I guess that's the one thing we'll have to be aware from no on when we go to the pool with Zayn." Warned Liam.
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