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I have loved the boys of One Direction for a long time now.. My favorite thing to do is see them smile and laugh. Haha, read some of my fanfics, and I hope you all like them. :)
Also sorry if I'm not very active, I do the best I can.

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    Readers, sorry in the chapter The 'Cluts' i had a few mistakes! Toward the end of the chapter i meant to say I DIDN'T want to sound NEEDY. Will watch out for those next time
    These Moments
    These Moments
    17 year old Anne hasn't always had things go her way. But the one thing that finally went the way she wanted too, ended in her getting the oppurtunity that any other teenage girl would have dreamed of....
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    That chapter "The Plan" was a good addition! Very sneaky and creative! Im lovin it all. Update :)
    The Boy From Ireland
    The Boy From Irela...
    "Class, this is Niall Horan." Had I known that those five words would completely change my life, I would have never affiliated myself with Niall. Okay, maybe I wasn't happy with my life, but I didn't know...
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    Thanks :) and I believe Thursday or Wednesday I'll update. :)
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