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1D is my bbys.<3

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    Hello Group Members. c:

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    Hello and welcome to 1D Forever Fanfics! I just want to say I love you all!<33 And I want you guys to tell me a little about yourself.(:

    Name: 1Daddicts

    Eye Color: Brown

    Favorite Band: One Direction

    Favorite 1D member: HAZZA!<33

    Favorite Color: Aquamarine

    Favorite animal: Monkeys

    Favorite Food: Pizza bro.

    Favorite App: Instagram.

    Favorite Song: Mirrors by JT >:3

    SOOOOOOOOOO What are your favorites?? xD


    Eye Color:

    Favorite Band:

    Favorite 1D member:

    Favorite Color:

    Favorite animal:

    Favorite Food:

    Favorite App:

    Favorite Song:


    Soo Yeah, I hope you have some fun in this group! Fee free to join and add your stories to the group Fanfics. (:

    ~ Myself ~
    5 years ago
    @SilverStar01 Sure I'll read your fanfiction!(:
    5 years ago
    Thanks and I'll read yours too! @1Daddicts
    5 years ago
    would you mind reading my Fanfic "It's Complicated..." ? i'm only about 75 reads away from 1K and im trying to get there :)
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