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    New Movella!!!!! It's about how a girl named Johanna and Harry meet & fall in love; there will defenitly be more drama once I get into it:)
    Please read xx
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    helloo x
    penname: +Sydney+
    movella: Gone with the Wind
    email: horses30@hotmail.ca (don't judge)
    storyline: basically this girl knows things she shouldn't know, has secrets she has to keep and she's scared she will tell people things that could get her hurt. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her new school she had to relocate to in a small town. He is the captian of the soccer team and popular. When he takes a special interest in her, she falls for him. She catches herself later on and knows she needs to be gone with the wind before she get the both of them hurt.
    characters: Louis Tomlinson and Leah Rivers- mouse brown hair thats long like mid-backish, green eyes.
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    Trailer Store
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    Short, skinny, mouse brown hair down to mid-backish, green eyes, female, shy at first, but once you get to know her she gets feisty and not afraid to speak her mind. her status is in the middle. I want her name to be simple. My character knows things she shouldn't know and has secrets she can't tell, she can't handle any relationship
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    Name Store
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    Okay guys, I just released a sneakpeek of my new movella, Gone like the Wind|| l.t
    (l.t means louis tomlinson;p) I also decided to do a cover store, so go check that out aswell!! xx
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    1 years agoReply
    title: Sex Auction
    blurb: its about a poor girl who gets picked up off the streets and is put into the famous sex slave and is sold to a company who rents her out to Harry Styles
    genre: fanfiction
    mood: kinda intense/emotional
    setting: present,
    person on cover: needs to have long golden hair and blue or green eyes please:)
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