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    mumbled "Friday"

    My friend:One Direction are so guy
    Me:I know right ahaha (:
    My other friend:Why would you say that your such a directionater!! >:o
    Me:Directioners call the boys gay.
    Her:nooo im a directioner and we dont call the boys gay
    Me:*OMG this Bitch!!!!! please dont let me punch her in the face* yeah okay -_- how many R's
    *I told her how many R's that day cuz she didnt know -_-*
    Me:How many nipples?
    Me:nope!!!!!! 12

    I've been thinking she only likes the boys for there looks and I really dont like that -_- I just wanna tell her that shes such a directionater but i cant that would just be mean so yeah thats what happened on friday
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    mumbled "One direction"

    So some girl at my school said that zayn is a muslim to one of my directioner friend in 2nd hour. me and the girl that called zayn a muslim have 6th hour together and my directioner friend kayla. so me and kayla kept telling her that zayn is british and he is part muslim. so andrea thats the girls name said that we have to prove it and look it up which we dont because we know hes british soo yeah so we are gonna like have a survey that zayn is british
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    Please write more I love it so much
    Please Don't Leave
    Please Don't Leave
    (Rated R) London Hart was born and raised in Wolverhampton. At the age of 18, she didn't think things could get any worse. She had a job, a nice family, good friends, but something was missing. She doesn't...
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