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    theres a few typos and i think the whole name and birthday on valentines day thing is a bit wierd and completely unlikely, if your like 10 i'd understand but no 10 year old is on Movellas
    Oh yeah, I'm the Cupid! (a Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)
    Oh yeah, I'm the...
    Valentine St. Valentine it's a bitchy girl who has two best friends (Justine and Katie) seven brother (too many names to put here), a 'friend with benefits' and studies in a school just for girls. Oh and...
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    Wow. Thank you? Her name is Valentine because of her birthday, but you don't know it yet because you haven't read the next chapter yet. But anyways, thanks for showing your opinion :) And I'm am 16 :) Hope to see more of your comments soon! :)
    5 years ago
    well i look forward to reading thanx for not taking it the wrong way
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