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  • 1D and Olly Murs
    this soooo good aand ive liked it:)
    Nobody Compares
    Nobody Compares
    17 year old Charlie Sanchez moves to London after quitting school and getting away from her family. She bumps into the one and only Harry Styles on the streets and they slowly fall in love. They say opposites...
  • 1D and Olly Murs
    hackingwhat do you do when you live on your own because Louis my childhood friend moved away when we was 5 and never saw him again, and your family left you at...
    <-------------------- new movella 'hacking' :)
    moving away
    moving away
    hi im Ruby Tomlinson, im 16, younger than my cousin Louis Tomlinson, he is my best friend, aswel as being my cousin, but I have to move away from Doncaster to a place called Wolverhampton, im going to...
  • 1D and Olly Murs
    awwwww its swooooooo cute :') ive 'liked' it, its so cute :') good luck :)
    Just Forget The World....
    Just Forget The...
    This for the: Valentines Day with 1D competition. It would mean a whole lot to me if you read it and favorited/liked/shared this with others. It really would mean so much to me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy...
    5 years ago
    thank you so much :)
  • 1D and Olly Murs
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    awww this is so cute :') and inventive :)
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Happy Valentine's...
    One-shot of Harry Styles. Emma plans on spending Valentine's Day on playing video games, but Harry doesn't seem to agree and uses his own methods to try and subdue her. Who wins? I've made it pretty ambiguous...
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