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    more please!
    Diana |Niall Horan|
    Diana |Niall Horan...
    I was always that type of girl that never disobeyed her parents, but still never seemed to please them. I tried my best in every task given to me, yet no one noticed. I was bullied my whole life. I was...
  • 1D_5sos_luv_4eva
    update please and soon!!
    “Say it, Iri.” He hisses through gritted teeth. I shake my head, looking down to avoid his piercing blue eyes that were penetrating my own. “Say it.” He repeats, louder this time. I shake my head once...
  • 1D_5sos_luv_4eva
    i L ove this story so much i hope you update soon and i thing sam needs toget over herself haha sorry but thats what i think and i think she gunna kiss harry and then zayn is going to take izzy there at the right moment and it will look like he is kissing sam.
    The Girl on the Street
    The Girl on the...
    Izabella Montez, other wise know as Izzy, has never had a so called "normal life". Her mother died of cancer when she was 10 years old, her father then,4 years later, killed her little sister Jasmyn, and...
  • 1D_5sos_luv_4eva
    No please dont i love this story please dont!!
    A turn for the better? |N. H.|
    A turn for the bet...
    When someone from Lakin's past comes back into her life how will she deal with it? Will she shut them out? Or will she open up and let them in? Some how hurt, depression, anger, and love? Will tie together...
    Lexi Wordsmith
    3 years ago
    I don't really know where to go with it sorry
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