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I draw,paint,read, write, sing, act ( in my theater class) i hope i can get far with one of these things :)
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I hope yall enjoy the stories on here !! thanks

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  • 1996_flores

    Sorry I haven't been on here >.<

    I'm am editing the story "The Unseen" Could ya'll please take a look at the first chapter and let me know how it is so far??? I will be adding more to the chapter....but i don't know if i should continue it
    E.M. MarmetAmbass..
    I'll go have a look! :3 Meanwhile, would you mind having at look at my own story and give it a short review? That would help me a lot! ♥
    Stripes, Checks, and Polka-DotsWhen David Brown arrives at St Thomas' Secondary School, he meets a rather peculiar pair of twins; Grégoire and Marie-Ange Valmont, two French expats who...
    haha im already starting it
    I LOVE it so far
    i wont be able to finish until i get home from school :/
    E.M. MarmetAmbass..
    Aaah it's okay sweetie, talk all the time you need! :D
  • 1996_flores


    i havent been on that much due to summer school and been very busy ill try to update my stories soon..
  • 1996_flores

    Hey there future writers !!!

    for those of you who are interested in reading 1D stories( im pretty sure all of yall do :) )
    plz read and comment on my stories, i would love to hear about what think about them
    Hi, would you please check out my story 'Decisions'? I am happy to read any of your movellas in return and tell you what I think of them (and this is a massive deal because I don't particularly like 1D so I don't like reading about them, but i am prepared to.. lol) :D XD
    Hey 1996_flores, um do you really like my fan fic? cause it's my first one and the other peops who commented so far are my friends probs giving my sympathy. lol. it really means alot if you do. thanks
    Hey sis look what i am on!!!!!!!!!!!
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