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hey guys names livvy i might post a story on here about one direction my fave band and i have another one about the ready set i might post see what you guys think and if you dont like it i will delete it

  • 123draco
    6 years agoReply
    I would like to be a character of its okay with you I would like to be either amber drew or summer Andrews
    Just another Summer romance; One Direction<3
    Just another Summe...
    How would you feel, being torn away from your bestfriends? never being able to speak to them again? Well our main character - Summer - is going through this exact thing. Soon enough, she meets the love...
    6 years ago
    They're the characters that was in this one, they're still going to be in the next one I need an extra character:) So would you like to be that charcter? if so, what;s your name?xx
    6 years ago
    Ohh okay yea that's cool my name is Olivia Murray
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