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  • Lukehemmingslover3344
    Please update!!!������
    You are my drug
    You are my drug
    Hi I'm Anna Gilmore I'm 18. My favourite bands are 5sos nirvana 1D hey violet and green day. My life sucks. My parents are horrible I had to rase my little brother and now he calls me mommy. I am more...
  • Lukehemmingslover3344
    How long ago did you start this and I was wondering is it letting you publish books because I have been writing a book and it won't let me publish or add a cover to it thanks ������
    Adopted by 5sos
    Adopted by 5sos
    2 years ago
    I just started it and also it is But sometimes I have to redo the cover but not all the time it may be a glitch I use my phone to write what do you use?maybe thats whats happening
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