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I love listening to music and playing football. I have three younger, very annoying, brothers. I love with my dad. I am single. I recently got into 5sos when my bff told me to listen to one of they're songs. I was amazed! I really like them now and hope to go to one of they're concerts with my bff. That's all I can think of so see ya later peeps!��

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    So good update! Please please!������
    One Hell Of A Life: Ally Dawson
    One Hell Of A Life...
    Ally Dawson doesn't have the sweetest life. Her dad is dead and she is bullied. But when she is partnered up in her music class with the schools badboy and her biggest bullier Austin Moon how will she...
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    Please update!
    Boxer||Harry Styles||
    Boxer||Harry Style...
    He was very intimidating, yet attractive, he was scary, but yet loving. He loved me like no one has ever loved me before. He's not something your parents would approve of. But me, He's something...
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    Please update asap! Please! Well when you can!
    His - H.S
    His - H.S
    WARNING: sexual content, language, drug use, and violence will take place in this book. Nothing could've prepared me for what he would show me. The feeling and my thoughts were surreal, but in front...
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    Cameron is back I'm guessing. Please please please update when you can!
    Changed (Cameron Dallas Fan Fic)
    Changed (Cameron...
    She hated her life... Ever since her mom died from cancer, dad died from a car crash with her little sister Farrah in the back seat... She lives alone bullied, constantly cuts herself becoming super pale......
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