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1. A damaging journey.

I swear this is the end. A journey like this will have its flaws. Later on al the colors will fade out and everything will seem to be as pitch-black as the night sky.

You had a flower so bright to light up your world, but like with every other flower you can't expect it to keep its color without your water, nor without fresh air. The flower will loose its color and strength in its environment and before you know it, the flower will be gone from your life.

When the last grain of sand hit the bottom of the hourglass, we both knew that our time together had run out and that it was no way turning back.

Somewhere along the way we screwed up and we ended up on the wrong path. I swear I never thought about an end like this, that a journey with you could cause such wounds.

We tripped and we fell but we always got up again and started to climb higher. The higher we climbed, the more damaging became our next fall. As we kept on doing this our wounds got badly infected and the only outcome were scars that could never be healed. We damaged each other. I'm damaged and will maybe never be healed.

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