Anna Agger.


Anna Agger.
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Bla, bla, bla!

3 hours ago

Uha, jeg er stødt på en norsk tegner, der hedder Linn Isabel Eielsen, og hun laver striber i "Skam-genren," som jeg er ret vild med.

Back and Better Than Ever!

7 hours ago
I haven't been on here for a solid year :0 I've been so busy with newfound schoolwork and a bunch of other writing websites. I've reread my work on Movellas, and.... ouch. I plan on rewriting what I haven't gotten too far into, but as for stories like Not For Me, I may just continue it as is but with better writing, cos I'm not really about to rewrite over fifty chapters. I'll be polishing up all my stories, so stay tuned!


8 hours ago
Ahh How i stan my kpop groups. Freaking Yeonjun had the world SHAKING because he was so cute and bighit was like ready to release. Then out of nowhere, approx 2 days later? - releasing soobin?!?!?!!? Okay he's absolutely adorable!!!! AND TODAY THEY RELEASE HYUNINGKAI WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY SO CUTE!!! He doesn't look fully Korean though, so he must be half Caucasian or something. So far, I stan with Hyuningkai and I stan hard with txt ready to reveal the next member who's name should involve... AN M!!!


*Sighs loudly* I'm Bored

9 hours ago
Looking to do an rp, but the ideas I have are based on tv shows and bands.
Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)have you seen stranger things?
HellHoundQueenNo not yet.
I just need one more poem All 30 Chapters are done now.
🔐MyPoem’s Diary~ 2018💞Well to the admin 💕 Poem’s Diary~❤️ PLEASE DON’T TAKE ANY OF THOSE POEMS FOR THEY BELONG TO ME AND ME ALONE
Ray Lidstone

‘Nother chapter

Ray Lidstone
10 hours ago
EternalTo Emlyra Torch, a seat on the Council of Flames— the gorverning force of the kingdom of Suhula— is all she’s ever wanted. When it’s promised to her, she’d...

I’ve finally been making some progress in my rewrite of my old, abandoned project Eternal, and I’m definitely liking this version better. Ive made some critical changes, added depth to the characters, and recently broke 20K— a good sign that I’ll finish it this time.

As always, I’d love to hear what people think!

How to...

12 hours ago
How do I ask my crush out?
Little Miss Author
Little Miss Author aww, that sucks.
Little Miss Author
Little Miss Author maybe ask him who he likes first and get some feelers out to see if there is a chance.
IAMALeo22_FireCracker_Good idea, I will try that, thank you, love!
Little Miss Author
Little Miss Author No problem! I have a quick question for you, Have you seen the Movellas Magazine that I and a few other's started yet since you've been back????

Thought-crime is not okay. Let’s stop ignoring it and start discussing it. Sometimes you have to fight the good fight <3 Please like and share!

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18 hours ago
So, I don't know if I mentioned this -
anyone hear about TXT? Big Hit? Yeah?
People are all ' they using bts for fame ' no they aint.
I have a bias, even though theres only two members at the moment -
Soobin! He's the visual and extremely cute!
I was just minding my own buisness, browsing Youtube, and
'TXT Introduction Film'
me: oh snazzy
Then I see who released it
me: wHaT tHe fUcK?
I think they'll be a hit! ( ha, get it? Big Hit? Yeah, thought so. My jokes are shitty
Eileen Prince

Dear Madam

Eileen Prince
19 hours ago
Dear Madam'So prettiest of petals, Angriest of flame, Cross thy paths together And collide as one long lane.'

It's been a while since I've updated this, but I finally have and two new poems have been published.
For those of you that don't already know, the poems were written originally to feature in 'Beth' and they then were, upon request, posted as a separate Movella.

BethBeth Emmerson may be rich, but she doesn't have everything; her father thinks she's proud and her distant cousin, Gordon Banks, clearly hates her enough...

Thank you for keeping my characters going, guys; your support means so much and I couldn't be doing this without you! :)
So in 2014 I was introduced to Doctor Who and OUAT...
In 2016 I wanted to meet Lana Parrilla, Rebecca Mader, Alex Kingston and Michelle Gomez...
I tried to meet Lana and Bex a total of seven or eight times, the last time I spent a lot of money towards it and couldn't go. This is over 2016 - 2018
Lana Parrilla has liked two tweets and Bex has liked 41 on Twitter and Instagram!
((That's background))

I had kind of given up on meeting them until this year. I discovered two amazing things

Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, and Paige O'Hara (Belle, my fav princess) will be in Pensacola FL in February.
Lana Parrilla and Michelle Gomez will be in Denver CO in June.

I legit cried when I found out. After doing some math, if I keep saving until the 12th of February I should have the money to go to Pensacola.
After that, if I save birthday money and pull double shifts I can go to Denver.

But school! What do i do?

Ved i noget om "Uglernes Skov"

19 hours ago
Hejsa allesammen! Jeg har længe været væk og ville egentlig bare lige kigge ind, men så opdagede jeg at nogen som kalder sig Uglerne, har haft prøvet at kontakte mig mht. Noget lydbog.
Jeg ville ikke bare være naiv og tro på det, især fordi jeg ikke kan finde meget på internettet, udover en facebook side og en twitter profil. Så jeg ville høre om i andre vidste noget om vedkommende; havde haft en positiv eller negativ oplevelse mm.
Forfatter Amanda Juhl
Forfatter Amanda JuhlJeg er også blevet kontaktet, og det er altså legit nok. Skal mødes med dem i næste uge :)
Så kom min historie jeg postede bagsideteksten af endelig ud på movellas. læs den her. Giv gerne en kommentarmed hvad I syntes :D

Bagsiden af medaljenEr i gang med denne roman og tænkte jeg vil dele den herinde da jeg har delt ideen
John Bryan

The Grand Finale

John Bryan
20 hours ago

This is the end, my friend we've reached number ten on the list of my top ten list of favourite movies.

FYI anyone who had not read or even seen any of these I was nominated by @[Midnight Rogue] to do this, so also of note I don't need to provide any explanation for the films chosen.

Drum roll, as Number 10 the final entrant on the list is... Lethal Weapon

My previous entries on the list, posted in no particular order of preference were
9th The Matrix
8th Back to the future
7th Star Trek
6th Looper
5th The Raid
4th Gravity
3rd L.A. Confidential
2nd Serenity
1st Crimson Tide
Shaun JH Nightshade

Top Albums of 2018

Shaun JH Nightshade
22 hours ago

Top 11 Albums of 2018

by Shaun JH Nightshade, Tuesday January 15, 2019
My top 11 Albums of last year Name yours ?
Read more

My personal list of albums released last year that I thought was the best.

Why not do your own list, I'm always up for exploring new music and I'm interested what people thought :)

I'm bored

23 hours ago
Nothing very interesting has happened in Michigan lately, so it's kinda dull here. How's life where you guys live?
Lone_SurviverThat's cool.
HellHoundQueenI live in Michigan
HellHoundQueen@[Lone_Surviver] its nice to know another Michigander is on here
Little Miss Author
Little Miss Author Its all boring in Oregon. Lol. I wish i lived in LA too. and that Oregon had the same law as Michigan.
Shaun JH Nightshade


Shaun JH Nightshade
1 days ago

Today's read is a poem in Danish. Check it out :)

Google translate is your friend

Jeg undrer mig :/

1 days ago
Hej med movellister... jeg undrer mig en smule om hvornår vinderen bliver fundet i Black friday lynkonkurrencen... vi fik at vide at vinderen ville blive fundet omkring nytår. Men nu er vi jo to uger inde i det nye år. Hvad mener i?
Tandpasta_pigen @[Adison]
Bøgernes Prinsesse
Bøgernes PrinsesseJa, jeg venter også utålmodigt...
I laughed so hard watching this. at first I was triggered at the title because 1. I really don't like Jeongyeon from twice (twice fans idk what to say to you, but I think she is annoying. I may be wrong, but it's my opinions sksk) 2. Both their hairs were blue. HAVING THE SAME HAIR COLOR MEANS NOTHING.

when you watch the video it is the funnies minute of your life. Please enjoy :)
trbl.@[Zireee] the video is so funny
-jiminified @[Zireee] me too, lol, this goes against the jimin hates jeongyeon video - they aint dating, but yeah, i can see why this would make you triggered, me too..