Just Think Happy Thoughts. . .

It's been two years since Mike had won the million dollars on Total Drama: All-Stars, and since then he and Zoey had moved in together. But after hitting his head by accident while working, Mike's thrilled to see that his personalities are back. . .including one that Mike wished would have stayed gone.



1. Bump In The Dark

In case there are some people who have never seen Total Drama. The one on the left is Mike who suffers from MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder, the one on the right is Mal, Mike's evil personality.


Anyway, enjoy this story!




Mal charged at Mike, letting out a yell of pure rage, but was knocked down by Mike. He growled and started to rise before he realized something. . .he was fading. Mal's heart sunk as he realized it.

"No, D-Don't do this. No one will ever cross you with me in charge.", Mal pleaded, "I'm a part of you. . ."

"Yup, a part of me that I don't need anymore. Goodbye, Mal.", Mike started to walk away from his fading alter

Mal's fear quickly turned into anger as he faded, screaming an echo" NO! You can't do this to me! This is MY TIME! MINE!", he then vanished with a scream, the word "MINE!" echoing throughout Mike's mind.

A scream that sounded much like Mike's.


X X X 2 years later. . . X X X


A car zoomed down a frost-covered road, causing tire marks to appear along the snow as though it was marking the car's way. The car slowed down as it reached its destination. An old-looking house. A man got out of the car. It was Mike, who was dressed in his usual clothing: a teal shirt and blue jeans. Black leather gloves were on his hands to protect them from the cold.

Mike walked up to the house and knocked on the door. No response. He was about to knock again, when the door opened, revealing a frail little old lady. Her name was Ms. Elwood and she was one of Mike's clients. 

"Hello, Ms. Elwood.", Mike smiled, "How are you?"

Ms. Elwood smiled back at the young man, "I'm fine. You better come inside before you catch your death out here in this weather."

She then ushered Mike into her house and into the living room, where her five cats were sitting on the couch, each one stared at Mike, feline eyes boring a hole into his. He ignored them and faced Ms. Elwood, "So what's the problem today, Ma'am?"

"It's my darn plumbing again. A pipe burst yesterday and flooded my basement."

Mike gave her a sympathetic smile, "Don't worry, I'll fix it right away."

Mike then went down to the basement and upon seeing a broken step, carefully stepping over it to avoid taking a tumble down the stairs. There was already a good 7 inches of water collecting on the basement floor and Mike waded through it to find a cracked pipe which appeared to be the cause of the problem. Reaching for his toolbelt, he produced a saw and started to work.

After a couple hours of sawing and replacing the broken pipe, Mike made his way up the stairs, not realizing his shoes were slick with water and he nearly slipped and fell down the stairs, but luckily caught himself. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued up the stairs. . . .

Only to step on the broken stair step, which broke in half when he put the weight of his foot on it and he tumbled back down the stairs, hitting his head twice on the way down, before slamming his head against the hard concrete.

He was knocked out, but not before hearing a chilling voice, appearing to come from inside his mind.

"Oh, it's great to be back, Mikey"

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